Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ham::APRS::FAP 1.16 released

Version 1.16 of the APRS packet parser was uploaded to CPAN last night, and according to the first few CPAN tester reports it seems to be working as expected. Here's a list of changes:
  • Added a couple of test cases
  • Added an example script to parse a whole file of timestamped APRS-IS packets
  • Fixed peet WX packet parsing for Perl 5.8 and older, which don't support n! packing
  • Minor speedups by reducing amount of regular expressions, extra variables, reordering things to catch the most common case first, and tightening a loop
  • Put '' around hash key strings (style issue)
The main change was the Perl 5.8 wx parsing fix. I couldn't have noticed it without the CPAN testers and the unit tests included with the module, since I don't run on 5.8 myself any more.

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