Thursday, October 11, 2007

AIS from Trondheim, and lost raw packets

We now have AIS from Trondheim, Norway, thanks to Tomas Roald!

I just installed an improved database schema for raw packets, making callsign lookups for raw packets much quicker. Storing twice as much as data as before (actually storing everything twice), but retrieval is over twice as fast. I deleted the two days of history, I hope you won't mind (after 48 hours, you shouldn't).


Anonymous said...

ok thank you for your activity
We enjoy your soft


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Steinar Lote said...

Nice with boats - I am more an aviator hi. Now these nice mode-s transponder receivers is on the market may be we will see some flights as well on the maps..? It shouldn't be too difficult to reformat the strings from 'radarscreen' mode to aprs-alike mode..?
Thank you for a nice and well functioning aprs work. 73 from LA5VX Steinar

Hessu said...

Technically, it should be easy. But the transponder receivers are not too cheap yet - the SBS-1 Virtual Radar is around 600e at now. Something to wish for christmas...