Monday, October 22, 2007

Character set fixes and invisible enhancements

Today I fixed most of the 文字化け issues. 乱码, 亂碼, маймуница and крокозя́бры should be gone, too. If you don't know what that means, they didn't affect you. If you still want to know, look it up on Google. 8)

No, you cannot search Japanese callsigns from, but at least trying to do so will now give a nice error message instead of letting the database say "no, you cannot compare apples with oranges" (in technical terms, of course).

Over the weekend and most of last week I also did a lot of fixing and restructuring which is not too visible right now, but supports wider localization of the service. Awful lot of rather boring and mechanical work, moving a lot of code and strings around, testing, fixing, testing, then moving some more. But it needed to be done eventually.

Localization issues are a new interesting frontier for me. Remembering the times when Finnish special characters (åäö) were rendered incorrectly more often than not, it hasn't yet stopped to amaze me how those Asian characters can "just work" on modern Linux systems, and how my web apps can be fixed to support them with so little work.

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