Thursday, October 25, 2007 and are now

A week ago Justin McAllister (K5EM) emailed me asking if I had any interest in taking over the domain, since lately he's been forwarding users with feature requests to anyway. The ownership of the domain has now been transferred and pointed to my site (although it might take until tomorrow before all DNS caches have obtained the new IP address). Thank you for the support and donation, Justin!

To make the site's URL even shorter and easier to remember, I've also obtained and pointed to it. That's only 7 characters to spell and remember. Old links will continue to work for the foreseeable future. The downside is that browser cookies don't work over domains, so you'll need to log in and set up the options again. Sorry about that!

So: the new "official" link is and links will continue to work as before.

As I am writing this, the site is running on batteries (they're testing the UPS batteries, and after that, the diesel generator).


Julian of Finland said...

Hello Hessu

Its Julian OH8GEJ.
I'm a bit stuck on one project & I thought you might be able to help me.

I would like to setup google maps on my page, but not to show moving APRS or AIS targets. I would like to show only weather stations in Scandinavia.

I'm certainly not a good programmer, & thought that I would ask your help.

You might already know about my sites (eu)

Anyway, in this case I would just like to add a google maps interface which filters all other traffic than the cwop and aprs wx station like my own oh8gej-6, as my interest is in providing weather data. Then i would also setup pages showing amateur wx station data from all over Scandinavia on a single page.

The Americans (like me) have been leading the way, but your site has really set a unique European identity of our own. The more we all contribute to European aprs in general, the more people we can get involved locally.

Do you think you could help? I would even pay for your time if I had to :)
the project is 'that important' to me.

We are actually trying to achieve the same goals although you seem to be a lot better at it :)

My email is my first name at my call sign dot org



Anonymous said...

Just a short note to thank everyone involved in this project.

Well Done!

There's one small issue, I would like to be able to display weather data in the Google Earth app in local units. (Degrees F vs C, etc)

One other note. I have a fair amount of server space and bandwidth in Los Angeles on Media Temple's GridServer. Contact me if you need additional resources donated for the project.

Rick AE7RS

Anonymous said...

Hello Hessu
how can I link my AIS info to ?