Tuesday, October 2, 2007

APRS in a rally car

Kris (KI6IUC) reports that they'll have APRS tracking in their rally car while driving the Prescott Rally in Prescott, AZ, USA on Friday and Saturday this weekend. Cool!


Anonymous said...

hi my name is philippe F4FDK in the south of france town of FOIX in JN02TX
started tracking KI6IUC-9

discovering a nice country cause of APRS
many thanks
when will it be possible to send message ?
philippe F4FDK

Hessu said...

Hi Philippe,

Thanks for the feedback, I hope you like the service.

It is quite unlikely that aprs.he.fi will extend to support sending messages. It would be too easy for spammers to enter spam on the APRS network.

Anonymous said...

ok for that fair enough
here in foix we are few hams using your soft and we really enjoy it, also the ais ship tracking
thank you very much

if we active aprs day in our sector we ll tel you about it

bye phil f4fdk