Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ships in Åbo and the ARBONET-II balloon launch

Thanks to, we now have an AIS feed from Turku, showing the busy traffic of the Archipelago of Finland (Saaristomeri). Thank you, Petri!

Mark, N4CMB reports that the ARBONET team is launching a high-altitude balloon called ARBONET-II from JD Trissell Airport in Clarksville, Texas at 14:30 UTC (9:30 AM CDT) on Saturday, October 20th. The balloon will carry an APRS tracker operating on 144.390 as K5FRC-11 ( tracking), a 70 cm up / 2 meter down cross band FM repeater, a 10 meter CW beacon and a plain language homing beacon that will transmit navigation data in plain English on the 2 meter band. There are cameras and environmental sensors too, so there should be some fine coverage of the event afterwards!


Anonymous said...

Hey guys you might want to look up AA4UT-11. It is the University Of Tennessee ballon group. They have a ballon in the air now.

73, Moe N4CQW

Unknown said...

oh7lzb, how can you be contacted? I have some questions about your work on the website.

ehart (at/via)
email ^^ sorry for the confusion I don't want spam bots attacking me anytime soon...

Hessu said...

Hi Evan,

My email address is on the blogger profile page - click on "view my complete profile" or the photo on the right.