Sunday, October 28, 2007

New view: moving targets

Just a few minutes ago I published links to a new page: shows APRS and AIS targets which have moved within the last 5 minutes. It's an easy way to find a "live" tracking target. And some drifting stations, which in reality are very much fixed and non-movable.

Today I also did some work trying to speed up the generation of the info pages. They do a lot of database lookups and feel a little bit slow. Managed to optimize the nearest cities lookup by about 200 milliseconds, which is very much noticeable. It probably cannot be optimized much more (other than by adding faster hardware, or by removing information from the page).

Also had a few contacts in the CQ WW SSB contest, and submitted my JARTS RTTY contest log. And visited the OH2RCH site in Juhanila, powered up the igate Linux PC which had been down for a week.


Anonymous said...


Congrats for your very useful and well designed and performant APRS web site.
I have some ideas for new features, What about alarm functions ? It would be great if I can register at your site and let your computer supervise my callsign. As soon as my station begins to move, your system may send an email to a predefined recipient. Or, send an email as soon as the call XY comes nearer than X km to the point y. This way my wife is alerted if I return to home ;-)
These are only twosugestions.
Than you very much for this great web site!
73 de HB9WAD, Koni from Switzerland

Hessu said...

Thanks for the feedback,

I'll think about it and write it down on the to-do list.

I've been trying to avoid making a registration system, since it tends to cause a lot more manual maintenance work (people forgetting their passwords, switching email addresses and _then_ forgetting their passwords, failing to use the automatic change-my-password feature, registering with a false email address or registering with someone else's address who then complains). Before walking into that particular swamp with a site this popular, I need many good reasons to do so. :)