Sunday, October 14, 2007

Finnish translation and more graphs

I spent almost all of saturday with my favorite text editor joe, working on these two gems.

You can now click on show graphs in the info view of a station, and get some plots on the activity of the station. The number of graphs will depend on the type of the station - if it is an igate, a digipeater, or a moving vehicle. For example, take a look at (a good local rx-only igate)!

While doing this, I enhanced the graph plotting code to do bar graphs, and to scale X better than before (filling the whole range). And added URL watermarks. These enhancements benefit the weather graphs, too.

The other big item was translating the user interface almost completely to Finnish. Language selection is based on your browser preferences (Explorer: Tools / Internet Options / Appearance: Languages, Firefox: Edit / Preferences / Advanced / General / Languages: Choose). These browser settings define the default language of most well-behaving international sites.

The weather page has mobile templates now, too, so it should look better on your phone.


Anonymous said...

Texas high-altitude balloon planned for Saturday, October 20, at 7:30AM Central. See:

Clarksville, Texas is approximately
115 miles Northeast of Dallas, Texas.

APRS: K5FRC-11 144.390 MHz
Homing and Data Beacon: 146.560 MHz
Crossband Repeater: 445.800 MHz UP – 147.560 MHz Down
10 Meter CW Beacon: Callsign K5RWK - Planned for 28.061 MHz
Reception Reports and QSL Cards:
The ARBONET team requests reception reports from observers who receive transmissions from any one of the various payloads aboard ARBONET-2.

A commemorative QSL card will be made available to those who submit such reception reports. Reports may be submitted via the signal report page at

Submitted by N4CMB (Greenville, Texas).

- Mark Rice

p.s., your website is AWESOME. Keep up the great work, man!

Strong Bad said...

This app just keeps getting better and better!

Great work!
- Kris